Socure names general manager of public sector solutions

Public sector expert Matt Thompson to accelerate Socure’s growth

Posted 12 October 2021 by Christine Horton

Digital identity vendor Socure has a new general manager of public sector solutions.

Matt Thompson joins from IDEMIA’s Civil and Digital Identity business in North America, where he led the company’s efforts to drive the industry-wide transition from physical to digital driver’s licences. He is also a co-founder of ID.me, where he led the company’s entrance into the public sector and healthcare industries. He has been awarded three patents covering mobile biometric liveness detection, as well as tiered and third-party authentication.

In a statement, Socure said Thompson joins at an opportune time, as government online systems are heavily reliant on the ability to remotely and accurately verify the identities of citizens. But, as the pandemic drove citizens online, those systems failed on a massive scale with 2020 identity fraud losses in unemployment alone totaling $400 billion.

“I believe that identity is the driver of government digital transformation. The public sector continues to move more interactions online, while the proportion of those interactions that are risky is increasing and has been exacerbated by the pandemic. This isn’t a cresting wave — it is a rising flood of interactions, and the legacy ways of determining who is on the other end of an interaction for fraud prevention and inclusion aren’t sufficient,” said Thompson.

“My goal is to replicate the success Socure has had in the commercial space into the public sector, because we have the industry’s most accurate and inclusive identity verification and fraud detection platform in the market to answer that need.”

Thompson also currently serves as pPresident of the Board of Directors for the Kantara Initiative. The Kantara Initiative is the leading global community commons improving the trustworthy use of identity and personal data. He formerly served as the chair of the management counsel for The Identity Ecosystem Steering Group in support of the Obama administration’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

“The entire Socure team is excited to partner with Matt to build the deep and long-lasting government partnerships that are required to solve the identity verification and fraud challenges that are rampant in the public sector today,” said Johnny Ayers, founder and CEO of Socure.

“He brings a tremendous wealth of experience and market credibility to this role and shares a personal vision that it’s our civic responsibility to be the first to equitably verify 100 percent of good identities in real-time, while completely eliminating identity fraud for every transaction on the internet.”