G-Cloud 10 is live, time to roll up your sleeves!

G10 goes live today so we spoke to our friend Chris Farthing of AdviceCloud for a few lines on today’s launch. Here’s what Chris had to say.

Posted 2 July 2018 by

G-Cloud 10 is alive and kicking. Today, the 10th iteration of the £3bn+ framework goes live giving government bodies access to even more new and innovative digital solutions.

The planned delay of the framework by CCS had caused a stir among govtech suppliers and raised questions about G-Cloud’s future altogether. However, the U-turn from the procurement body was welcomed with open arms by suppliers and buyers alike. The UK Public Sector needs innovation and fresh ideas to help solve its considerable challenges.

We are very much champions of the framework and new entrant G-Cloud SMEs are in a fantastic position to make the most of the opportunity G-Cloud presents. Not to say that just being on the framework will be enough to win business, but with the proper sales and marketing strategy there is money to be made, our clients have proved this with £156m+ worth of sales between them.

So, whether you are new to the Digital Marketplace or you’ve had a couple of goes around the G-Cloud block, if you still haven’t made a sale you need to ask yourself why and what can you do to change this? Here’s 3 tips to get you going:

  • Check out the spend figures – use this data to prospect, it really is an incredible source of information telling you who is buying what and most importantly for how much.
  • Get to know the framework – understand how G-Cloud works and find out how buyers can compliantly buy your services. This in turn will help you promote the use of the framework to prospects.
  • Get involved – attend public sector specific events, the Think Digital Partners and techUK ones a good place to start and remember to blog about your services and how they can help gov.

Good luck on the framework and I look forward to seeing the new and updated solutions on offer from the G-Cloud crowd!