‘We’ve been talking to Councils all over the country for weeks about their plans for post-Lockdown’

Tillr says we need to embrace the ambiguity, get ready for the unexpected – but also, that ‘the new normal’ will be a lot better than you might expect

Posted 12 May 2020 by Gary Flood

Things are moving pretty fast at the moment when it comes to the next stage in the UK’s response to the Pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we can afford to throw up our hands and give up trying to deal with the reality – and this is especially so for local government leaders.

Half a step behind the front line in helping British society get through COVID-19 as their public sector brothers and sisters in the NHS, authorities need all the help they can get from central government right now.

To help, UK tech firm Tillr is stepping forward with software it says will be constantly updated with the very latest expert interpretation of the new rules. And in the latest edition of the Think Digital Partners’ YouTube video interview channel, we find out how – from the company’s Founder and the Tillr exec leading the charge here, Paul Romer-Ormiston.

Tillr’s new COVID-19 Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit: ‘An online platform to help recover to a new normal’

In the interview, Romer-Ormiston reminds that ambiguity isn’t to be feared here, as no-one’s gone through anything like this – and indeed “will remain”.

“The best thing people can be doing right now is to plan for the unexpected, expect Lockdown measures may flex – and concentrate on keeping residents safe and local businesses get ready to re-open,” he states.

Hence his team’s work on a new Toolkit to help local government work through the next steps, which he reveals in the interview is also being extended for Police and soon, the Education sector, too.

He also finishes on a pretty optimistic analysis of what Recovery will look like that you really want to stick around for too, by the way.

Go here for our 15 minutes with Paul, go here for our Q&A with him last week on his company’s Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit and here for the company’s latest statements on the project – and remember to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any more in the series.