The Digital ID Directory: GBG

‘Customer expectations are continuing to rise as a result of disruptors transforming the onboarding process – while regulators are demanding increasingly robust identity verification methods’

Posted 19 June 2019 by

Chester-based GBG is an Identity management leader that has a rich heritage of verifying Identity and location, and which now sits at the forefront of a fast-moving new business sector that’s forming a major part of the digital economy’s infrastructure – the Identity sector.

We recently sat down with the company’s Senior Business Development Manager – Public Sector, Richard Spink, to find out more.

Tell us about your company at the top level, please, Mr Spink?

GBG offers a series of solutions that help organisations quickly validate and verify the identity and location of their customers. Our products are built on an unparalleled breadth of data, obtained from over 200 global partners. With our innovative technology, we lead the world in location intelligence, detect fraud and can verify the identity of over 4.4 billion people globally.

We help organisations in 3 main ways:

Reduce fraud, mitigate risk & help ensure compliance By protecting against fraud & financial loss – verifying over 4.4 billion identities and streamlining compliance process.

Provide customer & location intelligence Validating data at point of registration, minimising data entry errorsm validating addresses for 245+ countries and territories.

Employee screening  Verifying 4,000 document types, undertaking AML (Anti-Money laundering) checks on your staff. Processing global criminal record checks.

Great – so what is your value proposition – how do you specifically help a customer? What sort of problems do you tend to get called in to help with?

Our key Identity solution provides fast and compliant identity checks for every customer, as it delivers Identity verification with zero compromise, balancing business risk and customer friction.  

We help customers in the following ways:

Meet Compliance

  • Gain the customers you want, quickly and compliantly Each one verified in seconds, and through our unique network of data partnerships, you’re able to onboard customers from across the globe, while always being compliant
  • Relax. Your compliance obligations are covered with us When risk is your responsibility, we can help you protect your reputation and avoid fines. Our expertise in compliance keeps our solution at the forefront of regulatory changes, and ensures you meet AML and KYC regulations with a GDPR-compliant audit trail.

Optimise Customer Experience

  • Take control and only accept the customers you want Because our risk profiles are uniquely flexible, you can optimise your identity verification processes to maximise the number of good customers you sign up while avoiding the bad
  • Forget investigations. Yes or No decisions only A 100% decision rate online eliminates the need for costly manual investigations. Our layering of ID documents, data, biometrics and human reviewers deliver the accuracy and insights you need. We give you confidence that you’re only onboarding the customers you can trust.

Prevent Fraud

  • More customers, less fraud. Our fast and simple onboarding experience, combined with regulatory rigour, means you gain more customers with no compromise to compliance
  • World-leading data, technology and expertise. Always at your fingertips – Our experts have deep market and regulation knowledge. Our global partners have access to the richest data. Our innovators are continually improving the technology. Together, we’ll keep you at the forefront of beating identity fraud.

Get Going

  • Integration that doesn’t waste your time Our modular technology means the API is simply and swiftly integrated. The sooner our solution is up and running, the sooner you’ll be onboarding the customers you want.
  • Continuous support from the beginning with a dedicated customer success manager Any queries, no matter the time – our global 24/7 help desk will support your every need.
  • Start with ease Our professional services team can set up our solution to match your business needs, and offer ongoing support to optimise your customer onboarding.

Excellent, thanks. Do you have any named customers or case studies on your website we could link to?

  • Car & Away (Car sharing scheme located at Gatwick Airport)
  •  Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) Here, our technology is providing prison staff with real-time document authentication, facial recognition and fingerprint registration to confidently verify the identity of visitors, and ensure that the same person enters and exits the prison.
  • NorthRow (app-based solution to manage employees’ Right to Work) Here, we’ve has partnered with NorthRow to provide employers with an app-based solution to manage employees’ Right to Work status. Hiring managers use the Right to Work app to scan and validate their candidates’ identity documents in real-time. The Right to Work app supports hiring managers in building a valid Statutory Excuse, in full compliance with Home Office regulations. 

Very useful. So let’s sum up – what is your Digital Identity story, in a sentence? Why would a buyer want to work with you now?

Customer expectations are continuing to rise as a result of disruptors transforming the onboarding process. Regulators are demanding increasingly robust identity verification methods. GBG helps an organisation balance these requirements – maximise on-boarding rates and ensuring compliance with global regulations.

Do you have a particular public sector angle you also want to highlight for us?

Absolutely. We can help all public sector organisations to improve their end user onboarding processes while ensure individuals are who they say they are.

And finally, if we come back in 12 months from now to refresh your profile in the Directory, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved or progressed in the intervening time?

We would like say that we have continued to help our existing Public Service clients and are helping more departments with their identity verification challenges. With our ongoing roadmap we will also continue to increase the amount of data sources and improve our technology to offers individuals the best possible experience – and organisations the highest match rates.

Sounds great – we appreciate your time today, Mr Spink!