The Digital ID Directory: WSO2

‘We currently work with hundreds of companies to manage over 100 million Identities, providing them the freedom through open source and the speed to innovate’

Posted 13 June 2019 by Gary Flood

Describing itself as all about helping make digitally-driven organisations become ‘integration agile,’ and with offices in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, the UK and US, Mountain View, California-headquartered WSO2 is a leading Open Source provider. We sat down with the company’s Product Marketing Manager of WSO2 Identity Server, Ishara Naotunna, to find out more about what it’s offering to the UK market.

Hi Ishara, can you tell us about your company, please?

WSO2 is the world’s #1 open source integration vendor, helping digital-driven organisations become integration agile. Customers choose us for our broad integrated platform approach to open source, and agile transformation methodology, and our company’s hybrid platform for developing, reusing, running and managing integrations prevents lock-in through open source software that runs on-premises or in the cloud. Today, hundreds of leading brands and thousands of global projects execute 6 trillion transactions annually using WSO2 integration technologies. 

Our platform consists of three main products – namely, WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and WSO2 Identity Server. Considering the compliance needs of the finance industry we have used components of the API manager and identity server to build WSO2 Open Banking, a  purpose-built solution for open banking. 

WSO2 Identity Server is a highly extensible open source IAM solution that federates and manages identities across enterprise and cloud environments. It provides capabilities such as identity federation and single sign-on (SSO), strong and adaptive authentication, account management and provisioning, API and micro-services security, and privacy regulation compliance, which all combine to unify and manage identities. WSO2 Identity Server also comes with a rich set of connectors enabling it to be a part of a larger ecosystem – and the open source nature of our product further ensures customer benefits from community innovation, and extensibility while helping avoid vendor lock-in. Please visit https://wso2.com to learn more and wso2.com/identity-and-access-management to learn about WSO2 Identity Server.  

What is your value proposition – how do you specifically help a customer? What sort of problems do you tend to get called in to help with?

WSO2 is in the space of helping businesses become integration agile through our platform. WSO2 Identity Server specifically ensures that it’s in the heart of integration by securing all endpoints, APIs, apps, and systems for agile identity and access management. Given its open source nature, customers are drawn in, as it keeps them free from vendor lock-in. The high extensibility factor helps customers to customise or extend functionalities as per their unique requirements. 

Customers or prospects reach out to WSO2 for Customer IAM or Employee IAM use cases – enhancing the end-user experience or maximising employee efficiency. Simple queries would include integrating and securing their user stores (be it LDAP, AD, JDBC), strong authentication, securing APIs, privacy regulation, account management, and identity provisioning.

Do you have any named customers or case studies on your website we could link to to help explain what this looks like in practice?

Nutanix WSO2 Identity Server is used to provide a seamless experience for different portals and apps via SSO and identity federation to make the user experience simple.

West Corporation The company built a CIAM platform to connect all solutions, that created a seamlessly connected customer experience. This was done by using various capabilities such as SSO and federation supported by SAML2, OAuth2, OpenID, and WS-Federation provided by WSO2 Identity Server. The solution also includes the full WSO2 platform to bring all distributed silos into a unified presentation.

Al Elm Al Elm implemented SSO with WSO2 Identity Server to streamline administration, improve productivity, and lower costs. The solution currently manages 4 million users in the Unemployment Assistance Program and ensures secure online transactions.

ITDT Services WSO2 Identity Server was used to achieve GDPR compliance, create identity management infrastructure, and achieve the required level of security in Greek municipalities. Following the success of this project, plans are now in place to expand this identity management platform and deploy it in other municipalities in Crete.

Swiss Alpine Club This customer wanted to provide easy access to all its users. The club wanted to achieve this by providing a single identity login option, SSO, and easy onboarding, and by enabling users to self-manage their profiles. WSO2 Identity Server, along with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, helped to achieve these goals. This resulted in the ability to de-couple legacy systems and implement both SSO and single identity login, improving the user experience across the platform.

Great, very useful, thanks. Let’s sum up you Digital Identity story in a sentence… why would a buyer need to work with you now?

We currently work with 100s of companies to manage over 100 million identities, providing them the freedom through open source and the speed to innovate with our high extensibility. 

Finally, if we come back in 12 months from now to refresh your profile in the Directory, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved or progressed in the intervening time?

  • Developer friendly CIAM solution
  • 100% cloud native – part of the Kubernetes + cloud native ecosystem
  • Enhanced IAM ecosystem with connectors and technical partnerships
  • Better user experience for end-users, identity admins and developers.

Thanks for your time today, Ishara – and good luck!