UKCloud becomes official Think Digital Government 2017 Supporter

Major G-Cloud leader commits to helping drive home the cybersecurity public sector message

Posted 8 February 2017 by

Think Digital Partners, the company behind Friday’s imminent Think Digital Government 2017 conference, has confirmed that major supplier UKCloud has agreed to act as its official Security Partner.

That’s significant, as it both underlines how seriously this major tech firm sees both the Conference and the issue of cybersecurity in the public sector.

“As a champion for cloud use in the UK public sector, we welcome the recent Government Digital Service (GDS) guidance that cloud services are appropriate for the vast majority of government information and services, if ‘well executed’. Obviously critical factors in this execution, in addition to security, are factors such as openness and sovereignty,” said UKCloud’s CEO, Simon Hansford.

“There are major challenges in each of these areas: with GDPR on the horizon, intrusive US regulation threatening our privacy and sovereignty, and then also implementation of the government’s new industrial strategy.

“We are working with Think Digital Partners, all our clients, and a range of influencers to raise awareness of these issues and to ensure that the right measures are in place.”

“This is a very welcome move for the sector,” added Think Digital Partners’ Director, Matt Stanley.

“Security feeds into almost every aspect of the technology and strategy discussed at every TDP conference, and is an issue we regularly report on in our content streams, too.

“This new partnership will thus allow us access to experts in the field, for input, insight and advice at all our events going forward, not just Think Digital Government 2017.

“We also feel UKCloud is a great partner for us, as it’s another innovative UK company dedicated to great service and innovative delivery.”

See UKCloud in its sponsor area at Friday’s conference