Are you a technology vendor looking for a new way to market? We may have some good news…

‘Tech Partner Jam’ is an intriguing looking event where you find a great new way to access opportunity with one of the biggest names of them all – IBM

Posted 9 November 2018 by

Data privacy specialist The Trust Bridge, in conjunction with IBM UK and Arrow ECS, Big Blue’s key global distributor, is running a great-looking networking event for technology companies that could open you a door into new opportunity: The Tech Partner Jam.

The event – scheduled to take place at the end of the month*, November 30th, at IBM South Bank (so 76/78 Upper Ground, Lambeth, London SE1 9PZ) – in the IBM South Bank Business Client Centre – is a way to showcase what you can do for all three companies, say the organisers.

Specifically, on the day (which runs from 9am to 3pm), you’re invited to pitch to pitch to IBM and Arrow with a view to potentially join their Partner programmes: there’s a particular interest on their side for any SME who comes to the show armed with practical solutions and implementation tools for data privacy compliance and cyber security, as well as:

  • feedback from a panel of experienced CIOs that helps you understand where IBM software platforms are applicable to and synergistic with your own products
  • the opportunity to explore channel sales strategies
  • insight into Intellectual Property issues and guidance on how to protect, value and commercialise your IP
  • promotion of your product or service through The Trust Bridge media channel.

Participation requires an investment of £950 per delegate – but that does include including guaranteed pitch time and small exhibition space in the networking area.

You also get feedback from a panel of experienced Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Security Officers and Data Privacy Specialists, as well as a chance to sit in on special on-site workshops on Channel Strategy, Sales and Marketing and IP which you can participate in. and if you want, book a one-on-one discussion with an expert.

“In our work with clients, we find that they are often unsure what solutions they need – they don’t know the questions yet for which the tech companies have the answers,” Penny Heyes, COO of The TrustBridge.

“With Tech Partner Jam, we will be examining the best route to market and how best to position your products in the right way and to the most receptive audience.”

There’s a full agenda on the event website here, as well as some useful scene-setting vids – and if they pique your interest, we have some really good news: we’ve been able to secure a very generous discount for Think Digital Partner readers! if you use this special link, you will get a pretty tasty 20% discount.

We think this looks like a genuinely useful day for up-and-coming UK tech SMEs – the very people we have been championing to access the public sector IT market over the past three years. So – check it out, and let us know if you’re interested in attending!

*Which – sorry, as you already know – is the day AFTER our own London tech event, Think Digital Identity For Government 2018… maybe it makes sense to combine the two?