‘Organisational structure and business-wide visibility are crucial for governance, customer experience, growth and sustainability in any sort of business, be it public sector or private’

Posted 13 January 2017 by

In the next of our Digital Marketplace Contenders company profiles, we meet Andrew Hill, Commercial Director at Salpo Technologies, a Cheltenham based provider of CRM and mobile solutions, enterprise app development and outsourced software development.

Welcome to the Digital Marketplace Contenders, Andrew. Let’s start by you telling us about your company; what is your value proposition?

The Salpo CRM is a powerful, user-friendly, cloud contact management and collaboration software that sits at the heart of your organisation. Its design and simple, intuitive user interface ensures enterprise-wide adoption, personalising customer and prospect interactions by ensuring internal collaboration and information-sharing across the team.

In terms of functionality, the CRM solution we are going to offer the public sector user includes integrated mobile worker solutions, full email synchronisation, customisable fields and open API. It also includes real-time opportunity tracking and reporting support, the ability to build unique custom modules for bespoke business requirement, as well as integrated online/offline mobile app with mobile worker solutions. We also offer free webinar training for users.

Sounds interesting. What is its relevance for the public sector?

Organisational structure and business-wide visibility are crucial for governance, customer experience, growth and sustainability in any sort of business, be it public sector or private. The Salpo CRM ensures that public sector organisations can stay protected from challenges such as lost communications, missing customer information or overdue invoices. We can help you build a 360-degree views of your service user, basically.

As we have just started on the G-Cloud, we don’t have that many public sector use cases just yet, but we have plenty of case studies on our site I hope people could check out to see what we can do.

Why are you on The Digital Marketplace now – what do you hope to achieve?

We hope that going on to G8 will support us in continuing to build credibility and help us expand our reach within the public sector.

Finally, how did you find the process of onboarding onto the Marketplace, and do you have any guidance for others?

As an organisation, the discipline of us examining our processes and procedures was important for our growth. Our decision to apply to The Digital Marketplace meant that we had to make an examination of these a priority. I’m glad to say that in the end we found the process reasonably straightforward, because we are a fairly small business and could subsequently gather information quickly and easily. Having said that, we would recommend thinking carefully about how easy it would be for you as a vendor to access the information you need, as this could potentially hold up the process.

If ThinkDigitalPartners.com came back to talk to you in a year, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved in the public sector?

We would like to be able to say that we have some signed contracts with multiple public sector bodies that found us through The Digital Marketplace framework.