The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 9: MatsSoft

How can public sector organisations improve services digitally with less resource? Supplier MatsSoft believes the Low-code approach could be the key

Posted 8 February 2017 by

Our next Digital Marketplace Contender is Bedford firm MatsSoft, a provider of the Low-code business process solution MATS. We spoke to its founder and CEO, Martin Scovell.

Welcome to the Digital Marketplace Contenders, Mr Scovell. Let’s start by you telling us about your company; what is your value proposition?

MatsSoft helps organisations build solutions to improve processes, customer experience, operations and governance. Our Low-code platform, MATS, is developed in the UK and makes it possible to build robust software applications, using a drag and drop interface. Because you don’t need to have coding skills to use MATS, applications can be built and continuously improved without specialised resources. We work with businesses like Vodafone, Nationwide Building Society, Thomas Cook, Santander, ITV, Barclaycard, FedEx and RBS and public sector bodies like Adur & Worthing Councils, Bedford Borough Council, Cambridgeshire County Council. In central government, MatsSoft has completed projects for the DfE, Cabinet Office and MoD through our link-up with management, engineering and development consultancy Mott MacDonald.

The MATS Low-code platform is an ideal choice for teams using an agile approach. Rapid prototyping brings customers and users into the heart of solution building, allowing collaboration and innovation, whilst reducing project risk. It’s estimated that Low-code development needs 5 to 10 times less resource than traditional system development, so it’s brilliant for improving productivity.

MATS has all the pre-built components needed to build modern digital apps. Modules for data model design, processes, communications, security, business rules and logic, dashboard and report creation, interface design and integration can be configured to build a solution that’s a 100% fit; quickly and easily. On-boarding is fast and cost effective – you can start building applications with as little as two days training.

Sounds interesting. What is the relevance for the public sector?

Government IT needs to be robust, secure and functional. In the past, this has led to extended scoping exercises and lengthy, expensive development cycles. MATS lets organisations prototype as they go. This reduces project timescales and generates solutions which provide a better user experience.

Our partnership with Mott MacDonald is bringing connected thinking and Low-code innovation to GOV.UK organisations like the Department for Education, the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office, who have all discovered how Low-code can change the way they build digital solutions.

One solution for the Adoption Support Fund was rolled out nationally after a 6 week project which included a 4 week feedback and improvement phase. In contrast, the estimate for building a system using conventional methods was over six months. The MATS solution is now being used by 152 local authorities and it’s making a real difference to lives. Over 8,070 applications to the ASF have been approved, with 15,619 children getting the help they need.

We work with regional government organisations too: Adur and Worthing Councils, for example, are using MATS to digitise as many as 500 disparate systems and manual processes.

Why are you on The Digital Marketplace now, and what do you hope to achieve?

Our mission is to speed up digital initiatives and improve productivity by democratising solution builds. Further out, we hope to generate a community of MATS builders that can share and learn from each other’s experiences.

Finally, how did you find the process of on-boarding onto the Marketplace? Do you have any guidance or others on the basis of that experience?

On-boarding is a bit of a speciality for MatsSoft and when you’ve helped organisations reduce complex on-boarding processes from 14 days to less than 24 hours you can always spot ways for a process to be improved. That said, today’s Marketplace is a far cry from the slow, bureaucratic processes of the past, and that’s great news for new technology businesses like ours.

If ThinkDigitalPartners.com came back to talk to you in a year, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved in the public sector?

Simply put, we strive to become the de facto, British Low-code partner for central and local government organisations. We will achieve this by delivering empowerment to those tasked with digital transformation projects; with the goal of efficiency gains. We will help organisations to standardise and automate processes and provide better user experiences by all who come into contact with MATS solutions.

Thanks for your time, Mr Scovell – and good luck on The Digital Marketplace.