Wales wants to boost tech skills in all its schools

£4m is to be invested to establish a new national network of excellence for science and technology to raise standards in Welsh schools, says Cardiff

Posted 9 January 2017 by

A new national network of excellence for science and technology is to be set up across Wales, the Assembly said at the weekend, with a £4m investment.

The plan is to connect Welsh schools working more closely with the science and technology departments of local universities, education consortia, further education and other experts to learn from the best practice available.

The proposed new Science and Technology network of excellence will:

  • draw together cutting edge knowledge for teaching practice in science and technology for 3 to 18 year olds
  • co-ordinate the development and delivery of recognised science and technology professional development for teachers, based on global and local evidence of what works
  • improve pupil’s experiences of science and technology in schools across the Principality
  • enable schools to work together to develop courses, teaching resources and class-based research.

Welsh Education Secretary Kirsty Williams says the new network will target the improvement of teacher’s skills in science and technology and improve pupil’s experience of the subjects while they are at school.

“An understanding of science is crucial for our young people, from the technology they use, the way they communicate through to the energy they use in a rapidly changing world,” she said in the announcement of the network.

“It is also vital to Wales and how we develop our economy.”

Cardiff says it’s already invested over £1.6m in 2016-17 to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathis) subjects and a shift in focus from the science BTEC to science GCSEs in schools and the network will “build on” these measures.