North Warwickshire Borough Council modernising ERP with Embridge Consulting

Embridge will deliver Unit4 ERP for new self-service options and better reporting capabilities as the Council looks to modernise its operations

Posted 16 November 2022 by Christine Horton

North Warwickshire Borough Council has awarded Embridge Consulting a contract to replace its legacy system with Unit4 ERP and support the finance team to deliver more efficient day-to-day operations.

Like most other local government organisations, North Warwickshire is under intense pressure to find cost savings and improve efficiencies across its operations, while improving financial management capabilities. It says Unit4 ERP will empower users with new, user-friendly self-service options and faster, more accurate reporting capabilities, as well as providing extra functionality as the Council looks to modernise its operations.

Alongside the technology itself, the finance team will be working with Embridge to implement best practice and process automation. This will help them overcome existing challenges, for example around complex and manual budgeting and reporting processes.

Embridge says reducing effort in these areas means the finance team can better support individual budget holders around the organisation and be more proactive with other tasks such as supplier management, procurement, debtors and compliance.

“As an organisation, we know that we need to modernise and find smarter ways of working,” said Evan Ross, IT project officer at North Warwickshire Borough Council. “We’ve selected Unit4 ERP because it will help us streamline our processes, as well as reduce the amount of time and manual effort it takes to execute lots of recurring tasks.”

Embridge’s EP implementation methodology fast-tracks the implementation process for customers, it said.

“We’re very much looking forward to working with North Warwickshire to support their efficiency goals and modernisation agenda, as well as improving day-to-day experiences for their users,” added Mark Harris, business development director at Embridge Consulting.

Embridge was selected by Norwich City Council to modernise its finance and HR functions earlier this year.