Entrust acquires WorldReach

WorldReach acquisition strengthens Entrust position in travel and citizen identification services

Posted 19 April 2021 by Christine Horton

Entrust has confirmed its acquisition of WorldReach Software

Ottawa-based WorldReach specialises in trusted identification processes for immigration and border management programmes. The purchase will enable Entrust venture further into government and travel services with a focus on secure digital identities. Financial details of the purchase were not disclosed.

“The ability to verify identity and manage trusted access digitally is the key to transforming travel and citizen services around world,” said Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust.

“WorldReach is a great fit for Entrust, with deep experience in identity verification and digital onboarding solutions implemented at scale for governments and global travel providers. With the WorldReach acquisition, Entrust can help these organisations reshape government and travel service experiences around secure digital identities.”

WorldReach’s identity and document verification technology includes Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and enrolment for security screening, arrival and border security. It also has a ‘zero touch’ customs and border management solution, and a digital onboarding programme for immigration that uses remote identity verification with ePassport chip reading and liveness detection, used by more than five million people to date.

Digital travel credentials

“We see tremendous opportunity to leverage digital identity and encryption technology in innovative ways to make the experience of travel, border crossing, immigration and other citizen services more secure, safe and seamless,” said WorldReach founder Gordon Wilson.

“As part of Entrust, WorldReach customers will benefit from the opportunity to integrate proven Entrust technology and expertise in digital travel credentials, PKI and certificate solutions and identity and access management.”

Tony Ball, SVP of instant issuance at Entrust said the deal extends the vendor’s ability to serve government and large enterprise customers, particularly in the international travel sector.

“In the wake of the global pandemic and the drive for safe and rapid digital transformation to serve travellers and citizens around the world, these services are more relevant than ever,” he said

Juniper Research profiled WorldReach as a ‘Leading Challenger’ in digital identity in its report Digital Identity: Technology Evolution, Regulatory Landscape & Forecasts 2020-2025. It noted that “WorldReach is in a strong position in the verifiable credential space…This is being evidenced by WorldReach’s involvement in the UK government’s EU national immigration status checks and as part of the new ‘Digital Travel Credentials’ (DTC) standards. WorldReach’s position is strong, as border checks are becoming part of the digital transformation of governments and airports. WorldReach, as a company, is well placed to either take part as a point solution or be woven into the wider ecosystems that handle travellers and other government IDs.”

The company’s 30 employees have joined Entrust with the acquisition, with Wilson continuing to head up WorldReach as an Entrust business.