Take part in our digital identity survey

Alongside DCMS, we’re investigating the needs and challenges of local authorities around digital identity

Posted 16 September 2020 by Christine Horton

The government recently revealed its plans to unlock the UK’s digital identity economy. They include updating existing laws to enable digital identity to be used as widely as possible, alongside a new set of guiding principles for policy development.

As the producer the Think Digital identity for Government series of events we are often contacted by local authorities to ask for help in finding examples of best practice on identity projects and wider information on the topic. It seems like this is a need that is rapidly increasing.

That being the case, alongside the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), we are running a short survey on the activities, challenges and needs of UK local authorities focusing on digital identity.

“Local councils have some of the most sophisticated needs in terms of digital identity for citizens,” says Susan Morrow, TDP digital identity advisor. “This survey should help both councils and the wider vendor community to really get under the hood of what councils need to service their local community.”

“No one thinks about digital identity, but every application needs it. A big thanks to Think Digital Partners for allowing us to play a part in this survey and help local government make identity work for their communities,” adds Marc Power, regional director UKI & MENA, Auth0.

What can you do?

The survey is going live today, for one month. We will be emailing each council to ask them to respond. We will then compile a report based on the findings and share this with DCMS, GDS and any local authority that has taken part. The report will be anonymised, as will the raw data that is shared with central government. The raw data will not be shared with anyone else.

We do intend to share the top line findings of the survey at our next conference on November 12, which you can register to attend (free of charge) on the event website. We will also share the report with all responding local authorities.

“Local government services have to accommodate many types of identity transactions,” says Matt Stanley, director and publisher of Think Digital Partners. “This survey will help crystallise the needs of local councils in terms of digital identity. It will also hopefully be a great way for vendors to really understand what local councils need.”

We have the email addresses of many of the local authorities, but if you think you may have not received the invitation to complete the  survey, please email us on matt.stanley@thinkdigitalpartners.com and we will send you the link to the survey.