What the delegates said about Think Digital Identity for Government

eIDAS, the Trust Framework, Digital Wallets, Interoperability and identifying citizens expectations when using public services are all topics that our delegates are interested to know more about in 2023

Posted 7 December 2022 by Matt Stanley

November 17th saw the latest instalment of the UK’s only public sector focused digital identity conference, Think Digital Identity for Government. The agenda covered some fascinating topics where the day kicked off with the Government Keynote which was delivered this time by HMRC’s chief technology officer Tom Skalycz. There were 11 different sessions across the day, ending with the regular ‘Future of Identity’ panel session where we had speakers from GDS, DCMS, the Post Office and the Open Identity Exchange.

Feedback on the conference from the 300 strong registrants was very positive.

  • 90% said that the conference quality was very good or excellent.
  • 100% said that the event was extremely well organised.
  • 90% said that the conference length was about right.
  • 100% said that they would attend the conference again.
  • 60% said that would attend in person and 40% virtually.
  • 90% said that the online delivery of the conference was either good or excellent.

We also asked our delegates:

Please let us know what specifically you liked about the event.

  • As usual, a well targeted and relevant event with plenty of practical case studies, ideas and analyses with credible experts and decision-makers
  • Such a timely topic and championing the cause so important. Particularly for non-technically involved persons the overview of why, how, where this impacts each of us as users cannot be stressed enough. Outcome driven approach to advocacy and knowledge transfer is crucial in maintaining and building momentum.
  • A great mixture of insight from both the public and private sectors.

Were there specific sessions that you found interesting?

  • local government perspectives
  • International ID
  • Local government (seeming continued lack of requirement capture), party-line U turn on Verify
  • Comparison of approaches informative
  • Future panel, the International panel, the lessons panel.
  • identity wallets, exploring links with financial sector.

Are there any relevant topics you would suggest we cover at the next Digital Identity for Government event in May 2023?

  • Trust frameworks and UK attitudes
  • The white elephants: Repair, liability, world bank model supported by FCO but not CO, unique identifiers, international interoperability
  • Most engaging! Perhaps pilot projects connecting digital identity engagement. Sector approaches to digital identity issuance. High level viewpoint or lens for non-professionals. Closed captioning/transcription would be appreciated.  Translations for the International crowd perhaps.  
  • eIDAS, more on Interoperability
  • eIDAS 2.0 and Digital Identity Wallets
  • Citizen’s expectations of dealing with the public sector online.

We are already working on the agenda for the next Think Digital Identity for Government conference in May 2023 but if you missed this conference, you can still register and view the session recordings online. Register to view here.