Brighton & Hove City Council connects residents with digital services using Ubisecure

Brighton & Hove residents use MyAccount portal to access council‘s various services using Ubisecure’s Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

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Digital services have proved incredibly important in 2020, with local authorities forced to withdraw reception services and other face-to-face interactions due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated many organisation’s transformation plans, digitising and automating many customer-facing functions.

Using Ubisecure‘s digital identity APIs, Brighton & Hove City Council launched MyAccount to provide residents with secure and convenient access to the council’s various services.

Single sign-on (SSO) enables MyAccount users to log in just once and then transparently authenticate to all of the council‘s digital services they have been granted access rights to – eliminating the need for multiple logins or credentials. Ubisecure notes that one set of credentials to manage across all services and channels encourages better password practices from individuals and easy revocation of access rights when they expire, not to mention the clear user experience benefits.

Brighton and Hove‘s estimated 300,000 residents can log in to an online portal to manage their own interactions with city council services, including council tax and rubbish and recycling. For example, its council tax service is delivered through a cloud-based, third-party vendor. MyAccount enables SSO to this service with the same credentials, catering for any combination of on-premise or cloud applications.

Further services, such as applying for school places and parking permit applications are also early services planned to be integrated to the portal.

So how does it work? Ubisecure CIAM  provides users with secure access to the MyAccount online portal for both account registration and subsequent logins. Users can create their own account, reset passwords and change their profile data themselves, without wasting time manually requesting passwords resets. This is particularly important for the council when you consider that each manual password reset request costs a company around $70.


The council benefits from reduced IT support time and costs with self-service account management resulting in fewer manual requests to administrative teams. In addition, at a time when the customer experience is paramount, residents save time by managing their own account and credential settings, and receive a streamlined user experience with SSO.

Ubisecure’s API-first Identity Platform, deployed as SaaS, cloud, or on-premise software, also makes MyAccount future-proof as more council services can simply be connected over time, and functionality such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be embedded when needed. In addition, it can mitigate against data breach with secure authentication and tightly controlled access management.

“MyAccount is a crucial initiative, combined with our data management strategies, to streamline the council’s online services for Brighton and Hove’s residents,” said Phil Newberry, digital strategy manager at Brighton & Hove City Council.

“Ubisecure has provided capabilities and flexibility that are integral to a postive customer experience, and will continue to be a key partner in ongoing developments to enhance the service further. I couldn’t be happier with Ubisecure’s support and co-operation throughout this project, and am confident the product and organisation supports our future plans. I look forward to achieving even more together.”

Ubisecure has more than fifteen years of experience working with local authorities and national government bodies to help them secure and streamline digital services.

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