Think Digital Partners unveils a key new engagement medium: video

With our new YouTube channel, look for compelling and accessible interviews and dialogues that will carry on the conversations you start at our conferences

Posted 8 April 2020 by Gary Flood

And – we’re live!

A new channel to support the Think Digital Partners community of public sector IT buyers and sellers has just started streaming.

Yes, there’s a clue in that verb: it’s a new video and audio extension of the Think Digital Partners content and connection mix, something we’re calling the Think Digital Partners YouTube presence.

And we’ve already got three great interviews up for you to enjoy – with Cybersecurity expert Bill Mew, tech ethics researcher Arwen Smit, and our own Matt Stanley, the latter explaining the concept behind us going visual and what that will mean for you.

The idea: allow the kinds of conversations and interventions you are used to from our popular shows and conferences, especially ‘Think Digital Identity for Government’ and ‘Think Cybersecurity for Government’, to continue and indeed expand, seamlessly, between their actual physical-world versions.   

We had already been planning this extension before the current temporary restrictions on holding such big events – but it is very timely for us to add our YouTube channel right now, of course.

By subscribing (for free) to our YouTube Channel, you’re going to get regular interviews and presentations from relevant stakeholders, experts, commentators and customers on the issues around things like ID and Cyber that make you come to the conferences.

It’s also a way to get focused, engaging discussions into your head on the things that matter to you on a rolling basis, of course; think of the channel as a kind of Zoom virtual interview, and you’re pretty much there!

Commenting on the decision to unveil Think Digital Partners YouTube this week, for Matt Stanley, Think Digital Partners’ Director, the key word has to be ‘engagement’.

“We work really effectively with government leaders when discussing the needs of their tech teams, which helps us create our content already, both digitally and for conferences. 

“Because of this deep set of relationships, we are good at positioning the right content in the right place at the right time, something that is of immense help for the Think Digital Partners supplier network in terms of maximising the engagement, increasing their public sector footprint and strengthening their campaign ROI on the outreach they run with us.

“Even better, our YouTube Channel will dovetail perfectly with what we’re already doing, content-wise. Across the subscriptions to our newsletter and followers on our social media channels, we communicate with over 20,000 tech professionals on a weekly and daily basis. 

“As a result, we are perfectly positioned to help suppliers communicate their messages during not just our current difficulties, but over the longer-term: deepening relationships that we all need to work to get us through and out to the other side, as both a market and a society.”

To find out more about harnessing Think Digital Partners YouTube, contact Matt at matt.stanley@thinkdigitalpartners.com – but start right now if you like, by just clicking on this link and checking out the first set of episodes!

Tell us what you think, and who’d you’d like to see interviewed… or even put yourself forward?