Bloom claims 1 million ID app downloads

Company claiming milestone indicates it’s now “the largest and easiest to use decentralised Identity management system in the world” – as well as and one of the “top onboarders of users into Blockchain”

Posted 25 November 2019 by Gary Flood

Bloom, which markets itself as an ID leader, claims it’s achieved a major milestone: it’s now able to claim over a million downloads on the App Store and Google Play for its app, Bloom ID.

This, it claims, marks a major milestone in its push to build a global, secure Identity ecosystem that gives consumers back control of their data.

It also underlines its claim to offer a decentralised Identity solution that can act as the foundation for what it says it’s doing: “building a fair, inclusive, and secure credit scoring system”.

Another metric: over 40 independent applications have been built on or integrated with Bloom, with over 8.5 years of session time have been logged so far this year, it claims.

The company markets a Blockchain-powered global Identity verification platform for seamless and secure onboarding of users, enabling individuals to transact securely online and which facilitates an ecosystem of verified customer data with a network of authoritative data sources.

“Building a fair, inclusive, and secure credit scoring system”

That in turn, it argues, creates a trusted platform for consumers to share verified identity and financial data whereby they can securely verify personal information from name, phone number, email address, and social media profiles, as well as financial information like utility bill payments, income, assets, and bank statements, with “trusted data attesters”.

The company also has a second string to its bow: a free Dark Web monitoring service Bloom Radar that monitors and scans data breaches for personal information to alert customers in real-time of compromised data.

Its functionality means users can also file data breach settlement claims, find unclaimed money, see what data breaches they are in, share their data securely, and apply for credit.