Fujitsu combines graph and Blockchain to secure new ID platform

Japanese giant IT firm punting new Digital Identity exchange technology as a ‘trust-based service platform’ for digital business

Posted 8 July 2019 by

Fujitsu Laboratories has just announced a Blockchain-supported Digital Identity exchange technology employing Decentralized Identification (DID) that it says will make user validation much easier.

‘Blockchain Technology’ on Flickr by surya s (c) All Rights Reserved

It will also make it possible for individual users and service businesses involved in online transactions to confirm the identity of the other parties, the Japan-based team claims.

DID, where a third party guarantees the accuracy of a given individual’s identity and personal credentials, also promotes the acceptance of relationships between parties, the company adds, which are mapped onto a ‘graph’ network.

“[Our] new Digital Identity exchange technology promises a future in which people can enjoy online services more safely, [offers] user-friendly features including graphics to visualise the relationships between users [plus gives] a unique ‘trust score’ that make it easier to determine each user’s trustworthiness before starting a transaction,” it notes.

“Even if a user colludes with a third party to improperly raise their evaluation, the graph-structured relationships will reveal information such as the weakness of their relationships with other users, giving the system the potential to identify misrepresentations,” the official press announcement adds.

Fujitsu said it will now set out to offer the tech as a “trust-based service platform” supporting digital business, and will start pilots in a number of sectors to test the concept, starting with financial services, as well as slotting it into its Intelligent Data Service Virtuora DX Data Distribution and Utilization Service – a cloud-based solution for data use which also relies on Blockchain.