‘The UK market is our #1 priority in EMEA’

US Identity leader Transmit Security is starting to make a big push in the UK Identity market, starting with an appearance at next month’s Think Digital Identity For Government 2019. We asked why – and why now

Posted 23 May 2019 by

We are delighted to announce that our upcoming (Friday, June 7) Think Digital Identity For Government conference in Westminster has a new, and very weighty, commercial partner: Transmit Security, a US-headquartered Digital Identity leader whose technology provides a solution for managing Identity across applications while maintaining security and usability, and which is a Headline Sponsor for the day.

Minal Russell, UK & I Lead, Transmit Security

Transmit has recently moved into Europe – and at the show we’ll be hearing from its Sales Director, Minal Russell, who is leading the charge in building the brand on this side of the Atlantic. Ms Russell will be participating in an on-stage ‘fireside chat’ to discuss the impact of some of its recent Identity projects both inside and outside the UK, and we sat down with her recently to grab five minutes to find out more about her mission.

Who is Transmit Security: what is your value proposition?

Great question. Transmit Security is an omni-channel Identity and orchestration platform designed to simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost of Identity related projects. Since 2014, we’ve been carefully designing and building a platform that addresses one of the most challenging problems in the Identity space. 

We provide a solution for managing Identity across applications while maintaining security and usability. Many organisations have taken on multiple point solutions to try to stay ahead of criminal threats, deploying new authenticators, risk engines, and fraud tools. In the process, the customer experience has suffered. And with an increasingly complex environment, many enterprises struggle with the ability to rapidly innovate to provide customers with an omni-channel experience that enables them to stay ahead of emerging threats. This is where we come in. Our platform is used to orchestrate authentication, authorisation, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and account opening across all channels and applications.

Interesting… what kind of companies do you tend to work with, and what problems do you solve for them?

Large enterprises choose to work with us because we help them consolidate and accelerate multiple initiatives in the Identity space while still supporting their existing IAM (Identity Access Management) technologies. Our platform engines save massive development, maintenance, and license costs, allowing faster adoption of innovation while avoiding building more “legacy.”

Identity and decision logic are hardwired within applications, in many cases – which means adding authentication options and changing the logic requires design, integration and software development lifecycles. This is an expensive and time-consuming process that makes it hard to innovate, improve user experience and comply with new regulations and dynamic security requirements.

This is where we come in – as Transmit Security is able to abstract all the Identity logic from your applications and orchestrate all your existing Identity standards, disparate data sources, risk and anti-fraud tools to deliver a run-time decision response. This creates a frictionless user experience for authentication, while increasing security, reducing fraud and speeding time to market of Identity-related projects.

Sounds great, and I am sure people at the conference will want to know more. Last question for now, Minal, as we don’t want to hear all of what you have to say until you’re on stage – but can I ask why have you moved into the UK Digital Identity market now. What is your message to this specific Identity community?

We’ve redefined the Identity space from the ground up and cut our teeth on some of the most demanding customers in Global Financial Services. We have a solution that is tried and tested, transferable across any industry and relevant for everyone who needs to establish digital trust. The UK market is also our #1 priority in EMEA, and we’re already helping many customers in the UK transform their Identity Platforms by removing complexity and creating agility to deliver real innovation.

I also see that you are listing your services in the new Think Digital Partners Digital ID Directory; you see that as a good opportunity then?

Yes – very much so. We have a good relationship with certain government Departments, but feel that this new UK Identity resource will help us get our product and services in front of a much wider public sector audience which can only be a good thing. 

Sounds exciting! Finally, why did you agree to support Think Digital Identity For Government 2019 – why do you see this as a conference Transmit will get value from?

We believe that Think Digital Identity For Government 2019 is a key event in the Identity space and hosts the key leaders in government that can benefit from learning more about Transmit Security.

We look forward to hearing more live on the day, and we’re sure delegates will have many questions for you. Thanks!

If you’d like to ensure you get a chance to hear Minal and all the other senior Identity stakeholders debating the future of our ecosystem, please don’t forget to register your interest and get your secured place at the conference here – and remember, your ticket is FREE if you are a qualified public sector professional.

See you on June 7th!