Help Shape The Future Of UK Digital Identity

Matt Stanley, Director of the company behind the Think Digital Identity For Government shows, has an intriguing offer – and a special request – for the UK ID community as a whole

Posted 15 October 2019 by Gary Flood

If you work in any capacity in Digital Identity, you probably already know about the on-going conference programme we call Think Digital Identity For Government.

But despite offering this conference twice a year for the past three years – we know we’re not in the diary of everyone we should be.

Register today for December 5th – and then tell us in detail what worked for you, and what didn’t

So: here’s a challenge – and an invitation…

Register today and come along to the next Think Digital ID conference in December, on Thursday, the 5th.

Learn and engage on the day – network and share your experiences with others.

Then, after the conference, feed back to us your thoughts and what you want for the 2020 edition.

That way, you help shape Think Digital Identity For Government so it’s even more useful for ID practitioners like you… and maybe even have a wider impact on the future of Digital Identity in the UK itself.

Why do we say that’s even possible? Because we are the only public sector focused ID conference in the whole of the country. And over the past couple of years, we have worked very closely with central government Departments, such as DWP, to ensure that all our content at each Think Digital Identity For Government only ever focuses on topics that matter not just now across the public sector, but also flags up early enough to be proactive about them the important issues and technology that will come into play in the next 12 months.

As a business, the company behind the conferences, Think Digital Partners, has a successful 7-year track record of creating successful expos and events tailored for the public sector across various tech topics beyond ID, including G-Cloud, AI, Health Tech, Smarter Working as well as Digital Identity.  

That’s because our business model is all about building agendas based around specific, identified and confirmed public sector needs and pressure points.That content platform is then used to secure the best speakers from across government and industry to share their knowledge and experience. 

And – again taking our lead from our audience and the specific public sector policy and tech community we are serving – we ensure that delegates attending know they will walk away at 4 o’clock with information that will help them in the roles they currently work with in government (Central and Local, as well as in the wider UK public sector).

We place huge value on networking with colleagues, and work to ensure we dedicate time during the day for delegates to meet and discuss the topics that they have heard about from the experts speaking on-stage minutes before.

We think we’re doing something really useful here.

But we want to make sure we’re hitting the target even closer.

Can you help us get there… and so help the whole UK Digital Identity ecosystem, so important for a truly digital economy?