UK’s blue light services need your help to move to cloud

A decade of work beckons for a possible 20 suppliers of relevant technology

Posted 16 May 2018 at 8:41am by

It’s ‘calling all cars’ for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and cloud migration specialists, who have been called to the aid of UK police and fire services who say they want to move off their in-house Oracle suites on to the cloud.

As many as 20 such specialists could end up getting a slice of a potential half billion pounds (£500m) commercial framework set to run for at least six years with a possible four year extension on top, which is already open for bids.

The buying process is process is being led by the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, whose office is acting as lead for all UK police force and fire and rescue services.

“Policing in the UK faces a series of challenges as it seeks to modernise, become more efficient, and make the most of technology and innovation to respond to current and future demands,” the buyer is saying.

“A key driver of this transformation programme will be the rationalisation of the IT systems that support this back-office service provision.

“These are significant contributors to this improvement agenda, which aims to create as much self-service and business process automation as possible.”

Full details are held in the tender, published on the main EU procurement site here – and if you fancy your chances of winning a piece of this major piece of cloud migration, be aware that the portcullis comes down and all bids need to be in for July 27th. And good luck!