Carrefour: Blockchain’s directly benefited our bottom line

Use of the technology to track meat, milk and fruit from farm to supermarket has increased sales of these products, claims the giant French retailer

Posted 5 June 2019 by

French retailer Carrefour claims sales have been boosted by the use of Blockchain to track meat, milk and fruit from farms to stores.

‘Blockchain Technology’ on Flickr by surya s (c) All Rights Reserved

And so successful has its use of distributed ledger been that it will extend it to more products to increase shopper trust.

The news comes via an interview between the retail giant’s Blockchain project manager, Emmanuel Delerm, who told a reporter from Reuters that digital tracking technology based on Blockchain allows customers to see detailed information on products, like when it was harvested or packed.

That helps to reassure them about the quality of items they are buying, and also allows them to avoid products with genetically modified organisms, antibiotics or pesticides, if that’s important to them:

“You are building a halo effect – ‘If I can trust Carrefour with this chicken, I can also trust Carrefour for their apples or cheese,’” he stated.

“Millennials are buying less but buying better products for their health, for the planet.” 

Apparently, the €78bn firm has linked Blockchain to at least 20 of its most common shopping basket items, including chicken, eggs, raw milk, oranges, pork and cheese.

It also plans to add 100 more this year, with a focus on areas where consumers want reassurance, like baby and organic products.

Go here for the full report, which appeared on the Reuters news service earlier this week.