Gloucestershire County Council enlists Cantium Business Solutions for IT modernisation

Cantium will help Gloucestershire County Council’s move to the cloud and bolsters cybersecurity credentials

Posted 18 January 2023 by Christine Horton

Gloucestershire County Council has awarded an enterprise services support contract to Cantium Business Solutions to support the provision of services to local residents.

The contract, which was signed in October, comprises several key areas. Cantium will manage the council’s IT infrastructure, security operations, storage, and database. It will also provide architectural services and facilitate a move to the cloud. It will also see Gloucestershire transition onto Office 365 and begin using Microsoft Teams to work collaboratively and remotely.

Cllr. Lynden Stowe, deputy leader at Gloucestershire County Council said migrating to the cloud will “benefit the council in today’s hybrid world by offering our employees greater flexibility and anytime, anywhere access.

“Looking ahead, this solid cloud-based foundation will enable our future initiatives, from realising sustainability goals to implementing remote care technology to make peoples’ lives easier. Smart digital solutions need the right back-office infrastructure in place, and we’re excited to see what ours will enable.”

Cantium will also support the council in migrating users to the cloud and establishing the use of Teams and Office 365 amongst staff. This, it said, will allow users to “collaborate more easily with other colleagues, and it will give them a seamless digital experience far removed from cumbersome legacy IT.”

This process has also enabled the council to achieve its public service network [PSN] certification, bolstering its cybersecurity credentials.

“Working in partnership and cultivating a strong relationship with councils is something we value deeply, and that’s a value we share with the Gloucestershire team,” said Stephanie Divers, GCC account director at Cantium Business Solutions.

“Through that strong partnership, we have been delighted to help the team achieve highly-regarded cyber credentials, and also lay the groundwork for them to strive towards providing the exceptional services that will make a real difference to local communities.”