Post Office and Yoti to provide Right to Work identity checks

Post Office and Yoti announced as first digital identity service providers (IDSPs) that will complete digital identity checks for the Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS schemes

Posted 7 June 2022 by Christine Horton

The Post Office and Yoti have just been approved and announced as the first certified digital identity service providers (IDSPs) that are able to complete digital identity checks for the Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) schemes. The move is in line with the DCMS UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.

The framework relates to the duty of all employers in the UK to prevent illegal working by checking that all staff working for them (permanent, full or part time, contract, zero hours and even work experience students and interns) have the right to work in the UK.

From April 6, 2022, these checks can be carried out using Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) via the services of an Identity Services Provider (IDSP) to complete the digital identity verification element of Right to Work checks for British and Irish citizens who hold a valid passport (including Irish passport cards).

The Post Office and Yoti partnership will bring three services to the market for employment vetting – identity verification (web), reusable digital identity (app) and in-person verification in Post Office branches.

Avoiding fines

“Under Right to Work legislation, the maximum fine for hiring illegal workers is £20,000 per worker, which would have a dramatic effect on a business. Ensuring employees are legally permitted to work is essential,” said John Abbott, chief commercial officer at Yoti.

“At a time when the hospitality and retail sectors in particular are struggling to recruit and get staff onto the shop floor, having the ability to digitally check candidates’ Right to Work speeds up the recruitment process, is more secure and could enable them to start sooner than if the candidate has to travel and then have their documents photocopied and physically checked,” added Elinor Hull, identity services director at Post Office.

Hull says there is an additional reusable benefit too for employees, “particularly those in the gig economy or those undertaking more seasonal work and frequently changing employer – once created, their EasyID can prove their Right to Work to each employer in seconds.”

Yoti says that the Post Office EasyID and Yoti ID apps can also be used to sign up to new online services, to check the details of someone they meet online or to provide proof of age – online or in person – such as at the cinema or when buying energy drinks at convenience stores. Digital ID can also be used to collect parcels at the Post Office. 

Key partners that will be leveraging the full range of Yoti and Post Office services include: Access Personal Checking Services, Atlantic Data, Complete Background Screening, Eurocom CI Limited, First Advantage, HireRight, People Check, Security and Vetting Services Ltd, Talent Clouds, UCheck, Verifile and Vero Screening.