Ping Identity launches ‘Project COVID Freedom’

Free mobile vaccine passport allows healthcare providers, businesses, and individuals to verify COVID-19 test results and vaccination status

Posted 18 February 2021 by

Ping Identity has launched Project COVID Freedom, which leverages its recent acquisition of ShoCard personal identity to allow healthcare providers, businesses, and individuals to share proof of COVID test results and vaccinations.

The service is being offered for free to all governments, businesses, healthcare providers, and individuals, and will reportedly become widely available after early access testing is complete.

Verify test and vaccination results

The company says that Project COVID Freedom creates “a secure and privacy enabled way for healthcare providers, businesses, and individuals to verify test and vaccination results, while keeping users up to date on vaccination status over time via private encrypted messages.” Individuals instantly receive digital proof of their vaccinations in their secure ShoCard mobile wallet from enrolled healthcare providers, then can securely share with participating employers, restaurants, entertainment arenas, friends, family, and more, using a QR code.

Ping Identity says its solution provides a secure way to continuously manage test results and vaccination status, speeding up the time it takes to demonstrate proof of vaccination, and providing a more versatile and trustworthy solution over paper certifications. Using Ping Identity’s solution, vaccine providers can send reminders directly to customers when they are due for a second dose. Or, if a batch of vaccines is discovered to lack efficacy, providers can revoke the proof and instantly communicate corrective actions.

“Achieving normalcy post-pandemic will demand a level of verifiable safety in the places where people come together most,” said Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity. “Using secure and private technology that’s easily accessible from a smartphone, Project COVID Freedom helps simplify the vaccination process so individuals, businesses and healthcare providers can increase in-person safety without compromising users’ digital identity.”

Ping Identity’s COVID Passport uses decentralized identity technology based on the ShoCard platform to provide verifiable proof of test results and vaccinations, which may be securely shared when a user permits through facial or fingerprint biometrics. The complete end-to-end solution requires no integration or coding to begin issuing or verifying proof of vaccination. Individuals are only required to download an iPhone or Android app.