Event: Think Data for Government

Think Digital Partners announces new a event, Think Data for Government

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Name: Think Data for Government

Date: May 12, 2021

Virtual half day conference

The year of a worldwide public health emergency has also proved to be the year of data. Not only has the public had a crash course in statistical literacy, but government has been increasingly active in furthering the use of data and AI. Over the last year several crucial papers have been published including the National Data Strategy, the Geospatial Strategy, and guidelines for acquiring, building and using AI capabilities in the public sector.

It’s clear that data and information is now the number one asset for public sector organisations wishing to transform outcomes for people, and there is huge excitement about the possibilities. 

But there’s trepidation too, with civil society organisations raising increasingly loud alarm bells over privacy and algorithmic justice. It’s also not clear whether all public bodies have the infrastructure, resources and, most importantly, the competence to take advantage of the new approaches. 

At this conference we will take a joined-up look at all the opportunities and challenges for public bodies and their suppliers, hearing from a diverse range of exciting speakers about current thinking and best practices. 


  • Analyst keynote
  • Government keynote
  • Digital Transformation to Data Transformation
  • Predictive AI: Nirvana or Nightmare
  • Where next for Data Privacy?
  • Building data skills across government
  • The Geospatial data opportunity

Early confirmed speakers include:

“We are really pleased to be launching a Data for Government event,” said Think Digital Partners director, Matt Stanley. “This conference will perfectly complement our Digital Identity and Cybersecurity events with Data being a hugely important topic for government both now in the coming years. We will be announcing more great speakers in the coming days and some announcements around event sponsors and partners too.”

“The pandemic has vividly demonstrated how the skilled use of data literally saves lives. But outside of clinical science, the role of data in public service delivery isn’t always quite so clear-cut,” said Jessica Figueras, founder at Hither Ventures. “There are complex issues of effectiveness and ethics to be worked through, and a shortage of data science skills across the public sector. Government today has the biggest appetite to solve these problems than we’ve seen in many years. 

You can view the full agenda, speaker line up and register here.