Auth0 claims growth in EMEA in 2020

Digital identity vendor credits new customers and channel partners for expansion

Posted 26 November 2020 by Christine Horton

Auth0 says the signing of some big-name customers have helped the identity platform grow in EMEA in 2020. New customers include Randstad, Pret A Manger, Nutmeg, Flo Health, Libération, WeTransfer, and DPG Media with its Streamz online video-on-demand platform.

Although the vendor doesn’t reveal any financials, Auth0 says it increased regional headcount to 139 in Q3, up more than 50 percent from the same period last year.

Auth0 credits its modular, “building block” approach for its growth, which it says helps customers and developers customise identity capabilities for their exact use case. It adds that the September launch of Auth0 Marketplace provides native third-party solutions from technology partners including regional companies like Onfido, MyLife Digital, and Scaled Access.

The company also says that channel partners are contributing to the adoption of the Auth0 platform across EMEA. Auth0 has signed agreements with new partners including CMS Distribution in the UK and systems integrator Devoteam in France. These join 30 regional partners already offering the Auth0 platform.

“Devoteam measures its success by enabling customers to unlock greater value in their digital transformation projects,” said Karim Bouami, digital identity and trust service director, Devoteam, in a statement. “When identity management is a critical part of these projects, Auth0 brings a solid solution to support customers in those transformations, improving security without sacrificing engagement or experience.”

Steven Rees-Pullman, SVP international, Auth0 said the firm’s transition in and out of remote working scenarios has helped keep its focus on customers this year. “As we continue to evolve our offering and our organisation to reflect demand, we aim to become a trusted local partner for each and every one of our customers across the region,” he said.

“Europe sets itself apart as a strategic region for engineering talent, and as a software company, Auth0 is proud of our highly-skilled engineers and designers,” said Carolyn Moore, SVP people of Auth0.