Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

Freshworks’ new eBook examines what digital transformation means for the public sector, and how organisations can reap greater efficiencies while better meet citizens’ needs

Posted 1 October 2020 by

One thing that COVID-19 has taught us is the need to be agile. Moreover, it has highlighted our reliance on digital technologies that aid in business continuity – something public sector organisations need more than ever.

Additionally, the pandemic has accelerated many organisations’ digital transformation efforts, and it is no longer enough to just provide a service. The public sector today must meet changing citizen needs and expectations through digital engagement and exceptional customer service. It’s imperative that public sector organisations empower their workforce to deliver better service to citizens, as well as increase their own efficiency and bolster business continuity.

To do this they must leverage the latest technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), while increased automation will help replace mundane tasks and time-consuming manual processes. This in turn will provide greater efficiency, improve customer service and enabling employees to be more productive.

Freshworks’ new eBook, Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector, tackles all of these issues. What does ‘digital transformation’ really mean, and where should you begin? What steps are successful organisations taking? How can you prepare for this modernisation without starting from scratch? Plus, it has real-world examples of transformation from public sector organisations such as from Stockport Metropolitan Council & NHS Western Sussex.

“Digital transformation in the public sector has been talked about for some time. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital public service delivery to respond to an escalating volume of citizen requests with agility and cost effectiveness,” said John Kelly, head of account management & public sector at Freshworks.

“Across almost all public sector organisations, and especially in health, local government, organisations in the UK and Ireland are adapting and transforming with technology to support the continuity of government services. At Freshworks, we pride ourselves in being part of this journey partnering with public sector organisations to deliver technology solutions quickly and cost effectively that truly enables teams to deliver innovative citizen experiences at scale.”

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