“Atlas allows our customers to secure online communications, automate their diverse authentication and encryption needs and manage millions of verified digital identities”

Posted 16 June 2020 by Christine Horton

Founded in Belgium in 1996, GlobalSign is the longest established Certificate Authority brand in the world. We recently sat down with the company’s head of sales and marketing, Henry Krumins, to find out more.

Tell us about your company.

As the leading online identity authority, we provide trusted identity and security solutions, based around Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), to enterprises, cloud based service providers, and Internet of Things (IoT) innovators worldwide.

The Digital ID Directory

Our products and solutions centre around our Managed PKI Service – GlobalSign Certificate Centre (GCC), which we’ve remodeled in 2020 to our new ‘Platform as a Service’ called Atlas. Our high availability, highly scalable managed PKI platform allows our customers to secure online communications, automate their diverse authentication and encryption needs and manage millions of verified digital identities with ease.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper: how do you specifically help a customer? What sort of problems do you tend to get called in to help with?

Our Atlas platform shoulders the burden of stressed and stretched IT departments within enterprises.

With increasing enforcement of data privacy and regulatory compliance, fears of critical corporate data loss and exponential increase in the adoption of cloud technologies, IT resources are increasingly overloaded to implement identity and encryption solutions within the enterprise.

GlobalSign allows the enterprise to offload that burden onto Atlas in a secure and scalable way. We expand or replace the in-house PKI of the enterprise, safely automating and managing the critical identity and authentication systems and functions within their business.

This can range from document signing workflows, mobile device management, machine or user authentication to secure email signing and encryption. Where they need a trusted identity in their workplace, we provide it with intuitive automation tools to manage it.

Do you have any named customers or case studies you’d like to talk about?

We have many to choose from but let’s pick one that is very relevant to today’s enterprise needs, the remote and mobile workforce, SEMCA. What’s key here is that GlobalSign, working with its third-party provider, supplied an intuitive and easy to use platform for certificate-based email encryption, but importantly bridged the gap between the remote workers’ laptops and their mobiles. We are seeing an exponential growth in the need for secure communication for remote workers across all types of organisation.

What is your Digital Identity story, in a sentence? Why would a buyer need to work with you now?

Identity assurance is vital in today’s digital economy, offload that IT burden onto GlobalSign, especially right now with the need for remote workers needing secure access to corporate networks and resources.

Do you have a particular public sector angle you also want to highlight for our readers?

Public sector departments typically see high volumes of user visits for their online services and are also often in the frontline for attacks from hackers and scammers. However public sector services usually have restricted budgets and are often subject to budget cuts. Therefore, they need the best quality online security solutions, maintaining the highest level of trust and protection for their users that are scalable, easy to use and value for money. GlobalSign provides a centralised platform with delegated issuance of certificates for departmental control, minimal administration overhead and centralised billing. The accessible interface allows a single Administrator to easily handle a Departments diverse needs and retain control of departmental security and budgetary demands.

A typical Public Sector case study can be seen here

Finally, if we come back in 12 months from now to refresh your profile in the Directory, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved or progressed in the intervening time?

 We’ve just launched our new future proof Atlas platform so I’d like to able to see that overtake our current hugely successful legacy platform, GCC.

You can view the GlobalSign Digital ID Directory listing here.