Could the key to rebooting the world’s economy lie in making air travel truly ‘Borderless and Touchless’?

In our latest Think Digital Partners’ YouTube interview channel, we hear from WorldReach and delve into its work on making international travel both digital—and totally safe

Posted 15 June 2020 by Gary Flood

The latest digital interview on the Think Digital Partners’ YouTube interview channel’s just dropped and it’s a very timely one as the UK starts to emerge from Lockdown: how to make one of the main drivers of the global economy, travel, function properly again.

That’s in the shape of some great new commentary from Jon Payne, Executive Director, Global Partnerships at WorldReach, a Canadian software company focusing on Government Travel and Citizen Services, Safe and Seamless Traveller Journey, and Identity Verification solutions. Jon reminds us it’s not too early for Governments round the world to start thinking about the real practicalities of post-Lockdown international travel. 

This, he stresses, will have to be totally safe, remote and touchless, and centred on tech-powered approaches to IDV (Identity & Document Verification): but how do we get there from here?

Check out our interview with Jon and see if you agree with his vision of how we can get international business and tourism back on its feet – and help make Recovery really work.


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  • Connect with Jon on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.