Is the UK public sector as aware as it should be of Cyber Hygiene?

Like a lot of us, Cyber security expert Lisa Ventura’s watched ‘Contagion’… but it’s not stopped her thinking about how to help organisations deal with the security risks of the Pandemic, thank Goodness

Posted 15 April 2020 by Gary Flood

You may be aware that we’ve just launched our new YouTube extension to our content, and this morning we’re publishing our latest interview on it: our chat via Zoom earlier this week with Lisa Ventura, the founder and head of the UK Cyber Security Association.

Lisa is one of the confirmed speakers for our upcoming conference on all things Cyber, set for June 26th in London

One of the featured speakers at the first ‘Think Cybersecurity For Government’, scheduled for later in 2020, Ventura took a few precious minutes out of her schedule, which is all about helping her members deal with the Cyber threats of the on-going Lockdown.

Ventura takes us an overview of her organisation’s mission, her own deep interest in the topic as both for its own sake and as a great career (especially for both women and neurodiverse recruits), why government officials at all levels need to get more aware about the growing Cyber threat – and the practical steps she’s doing to help its member organisations #StayHomeSaveLives.

What’s great about the interview is that she also keeps the bigger picture in view, beyond COVID-19, though, including insights into her own evolution as a Cyber expert and her deep interest in encouraging two very under-represented groups in the Security field, women and neurodiverse candidates, get their start in the profession.

We hope you have time today to check out our informative video interview, which is here,

Find out more about Lisa and her work from both the main UK CSA website, her personal website, www.lisaventura.co.uk, and follow her on Twitter @cybergeekgirl.