Microsoft now wants to use Machine Learning to dominate enterprise Cybersecurity

Expanding its enterprise antivirus software to iOS, Linux and Android, investing in AI-based security: looks like the market’s going to look pretty interesting for a while

Posted 3 March 2020 by

Microsoft’s enterprise-level, Machine Learning-based antivirus package Defender will be available for iOS, Android, and Linux later this year in a move to make its software appealing to smartphone users be they in the office or not.

Microsoft claims Defender has “half a billion users”

In other words, the IT giant is seen as trying to make its Cybersecurity technology into a one-stop shop for CIOs so they can provision their employees across all their devices.

Microsoft announced the expansion on a corporate blog, adding that the software will be available later this year. What’s also interesting is the fact that Machine Learning is being used to keep improving the product, as it trains the system constantly.

“Defender has over half a billion users,” Tanmy Ganacharya, principal security general manager is quoted as stating in a write-up about the next phase for Defender on Business Insider. “We’re constantly stitching together those insights.”

Microsoft engineers and executives are also quoted to the effect that Defender is also going to be positioned as a best defence against “phishing scams and to detect insider threats”.

“Let’s say I resigned from Microsoft tomorrow, and I give my two weeks notice,” Corporate Vice President for cybersecurity solutions Ann Johnson told the site.

“Insider risk management gives the organisation, with the right HR and legal permissions, the ability to monitor me much more closely.”