Is it time for a ‘joined up, sophisticated debate’ around the concept of Digital Identity?

“How we have a joined up, sophisticated debate around the concept of digital identity is really critical,” GDS Interim Head Alison Pritchard tells the press

Posted 24 September 2019 by

Citizens have started to come to expect ‘joined up’ government based on secure Identity – and not being able to offer that will increasingly seen as peculiar by digital natives.

Or, to quote Interim Head of the Government Digital Service (GDS), Alison Pritchard, “My children are in their early twenties, and the concept of having data joined up for better services is part of what they expect.

“How we have a joined up, sophisticated debate around the concept of Digital Identity is really critical.”

The comments come as part of a press briefing at last week’s Sprint 19 that is carried in a number of publications, including UKAuthority.com.

There, along with dealing with probes about backlash against what some see as a politically-motivated attempt to harvest GOV.UK data and questions about her own role in the light of news of a search for a new Government Chief Digital Information Officer last week, Pritchard noted that, “Of course this is going to be the subject of much further debate as we progress it: you’ll hear about Digital Identity progression and our aims of the future.”