Public would like to see more AI-controlled Cybersecurity

Poll of 10,000 people in the EMEA region finds Brits most sceptical, however

Posted 26 July 2019 by Gary Flood

Italians are enthusiastic about it, but Brits a lot less so. The answer isn’t dealing with 30-plus Centigrade Summer days, but AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered AI, by the way.

Thus one way, at least, to read a new study based on a poll of 10,000 EMEA (Europe & Middle Eastern Area) punters, with 38% of Italians saying that’s what they want, versus only 21% of respondents in the UK. Overall, just over a quarter (26%) of EMEA respondents would prefer their cybersecurity to be managed by AI rather than a human. 

You might see that as a less than ringing endorsement, but it’s still enough for the conductors of the research, Palo Alto Networks, comment that, “The positive attitude towards cybersecurity checks that comes with a preference for AI technologies is one we hope to see embraced by more people in the future.”

The study also probed the public’s views on the security of the Internet of Things (IoT). Across Europe, only 38% believe smart home devices are secure, while 43% think they’re not; on average, Germany, France, and the UK don’t see IoT devices as secure, respondents from the Eastern Europe seem most trusting.

“The technology industry needs to address security and privacy concerns surrounding IoT in a meaningful and transparent manner,” suggests sociologist Dr Jessica Barker, the study’s co-author.

Go here for the full findings.