SingPass app to be Digital ID option for some local services, says city-state

Businesses looking to securely conduct visitor registration or customer acquisition at roadshows will be able to tap on a new service offered by the Singapore Government later this year, as part of its efforts to develop a national Digital Identity service

Posted 29 May 2019 by

Singapore residents can soon use their ‘SingPass‘ mobile app instead of keying in personal details when registering to visit a patient in hospital, or making purchases at certain events. 

SingPass is an online account management for access to Singapore Government e-services

That’s because a new Digital Identity tool, SG-Verify, a facility for businesses to perform secure identity verification and data transfer through QR scanning. (Watch a short YouTube video on it here.)

The idea: help businesses save time and gain better access to government-verified data, and provide businesses with an alternative for visitor registration and access, customer acquisition at roadshows or any other use cases that require identification.

SG-Verify will work by allowing the user to scan a QR code provided by the third party they want to interact with on their SingPass Mobile app that will allow the organisation to retrieve the required data. The request is the approved (or not) by the state, which generates the QR code and allows the organisation to draw what data it needs.

Set to be available by December, SG-Verify is just the latest in the building of Singapore’s national digital identity (NDI) system – architected to be a single Digital Identity that residents can use to access services across both the public and private sectors.

Set to be simultaneously available is an updated version of the Singapore ‘Moments of Life’ with new services for the elderly, featuring relevant information and services that encourage seniors to lead active and engaged lives. (Moments of Life is a digital platform for services and information currently aimed at parents and caregivers of young children.)

The main agency driving all this work, GovTech, also promised that smaller local businesses are guaranteed access to its multiple digital transformation projects: “We are heartened that there is a growing pool of SMEs that have stepped up and embraced technology, and we will continue to work with them to uplift their capabilities while helping us build a smart nation and digital government.”