Yoti: Let’s help NGOs do better with Digital ID

‘It’s vital we understand needs, perceptions, concerns and opportunities before we offer solution’

Posted 16 April 2019 by

UK Digital Identity vendor Yoti has launched a new Fellowship Programme, part of is on-going Social Impact Strategy, to help drive greater ID capability in the NGO and Third Sectors.

The Programme has thus been designed to support local researchers, innovators and individuals who can provide local knowledge of Digital Identity needs, plus highlight the issues, challenges and opportunities for Digital ID to “make a positive impact worldwide”.

“We believe there’s tremendous potential in the use of digital identity at a grassroots level, particularly in the provision of social services to local communities,” commented Ken Banks, Yoti’s Head of Social Impact.

“It’s vital, however, that we understand needs, perceptions, concerns and opportunities before we offer solutions. This new Fellowship Programme is designed to help us do just that, by engaging individuals within the very communities themselves to help us answer the questions which most matter to them.”

The company points to examples like the design, adoption and use of large-scale Digital Identity systems and how individuals interact with them such as India’s national billion-strong biometric Aadhaar ID system, it claims.

Yoti wants to utilise local knowledge and expertise of local issues to help our sector develop the most useful and appropriate Identity solutions, it claims.

Over the past few months Yoti has also conducted research across Africa, South East Asia and the United Kingdom in a bid to better understand local Digital Identity needs and opportunities in these locations.