Major UK Digital Identity June conference agenda released

With speakers confirmed from government and industry, ‘Think Digital Identity For Government 2019’ emerging as the must-see event for the entire UK ID spectrum of interests

Posted 5 February 2019 by


With speakers from across central Government, industry and independent observers, Think Digital Identity For Government 2019 was already going to be a landmark event… but now we know more details of who will be speaking on the day, that’s now underlined in permanent marker!

You can now go here to access the provisional full agenda for the conference, which opens its doors at 8.45 on Friday, June 7, at convenient high-quality conference venue One Great George St, Westminster.

The event – which will be once again hosted by well-known UK public sector technology commentator David Bicknell, Principal Analyst in the Technology Thematic Research division of independent advisory group GlobalData – features what promises to be compelling content from multiple ID sector stakeholders.

Joining David on stage for questions and presenting their own views, as well as war stories from their own front-line experiences with making Identity work at the sharp end, will be such Digital ID heavy hitters as:

  • Gary Barnett, Chief Analyst, Technology Thematic Research, GlobalData
  • Cheryl Stevens, Deputy Director, Identity and Trust Services, DWP Digital
  • Mark Prince, Product Manager, Digital Customer Services, HM Passport Office
  • Simon Wood, CEO, Ubisecure
  • Susan Morrow, Head of R&D, Avoco Secure
  • Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative.

Already confirmed are sessions on core themes such as a full update from Whitehall on where we are post-UK GOV Verify being the only Digital ID game in town, as well as in-depth looks at where private and public sector ideas about Identity intersect, as well as a special session on where we might be with Self-Sovereign Identity post-Brexit.

The event has already won the backing of high-profile Digital ID commercial players, who are re-committing to the event in some cases after highly positive experiences opening dialogues with potential customers at its 2018 fore-runners.

These include Steve Waite, CMO for firm Ubisecure, who told us how, “November’s event introduced Ubisecure to the UK public sector, and gave us a very effective platform to talk about how Digital Identity solutions have benefited Nordic businesses and Government bodies. We look forward to the June conference and to continue the many varied and interesting conversations that we have already been party too.”

Also impressed with the November Digital Identity event were speaker participants, such as Cheryl Stevens MBE, Deputy Director Identity and Trust Services at DWP, who post-conference told us, “I think the November conference was great: it felt really well organised and informative. I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience [and] I think it really drove the conversation of Identity in the public sector, which we just need to ensure we build on in June. (We are delighted to confirm that Ms Stevens will again be a speaker.)

The organisers of Think Digital Identity For Government 2019 also believe this event could not just match, but surpass, previous runs of the conference, which is the only such gathering for the UK public sector ID community. “Our November Identity conference was the most widely praised event in our company’s history,” points out Matt Stanley, Director of Think Digital Partners, the company behind the show.

“Delegates speakers and sponsors alike were all extremely happy with the content, conversations and networking that took place and we really did give the Identity conversation the focus that this vitally important topic deserves.

“Now, our aim with the June conference is to carry on where the last conference left off; yes, we need an update on a few obvious topics like Verify moving to private sector management and also to take into account the continuing fall out from Brexit – but, as in the November conference, we want to focus on delivery and actual experiences from both the UK public and private sector but also successful projects overseas.”

If you agree that it’s time to both review all we’ve achieved and learned so far with Digital Identity in the UK AND look ahead to what we need to do next, then there can’t be any doubt – you need to be there in June.

So don’t delay and secure your place in Westminster in the Summer by completing the quick and easy registration process here today.

As more details of the event are released, we will share them with you – we will be we continue to confirm some more big names from the public sector and identity industry and conference participants over the coming weeks… and we sincerely hope to see you at Think Digital Identity For Government 2019.