Deloitte to offer US public sector Blockchain-based Digital Identity solution

Partnership with start-up Attest centres on new products for citizens who don’t normally have access to digital ways of proving their ID, says the company

Posted 6 November 2018 by Gary Flood

‘Big Four’ consultancy Deloitte is to offer a new Digital Identity solution to the US public sector, starting with a cryptographically-secured Identity storage product protected by Blockchain.

The firm is doing so by partnering with a Digital Identity start-up, Attest, with the second planned product of their partnership being an API based solution for allowing third-parties to manage their data on their behalf.

”Many companies are looking at using a personal wallet in which the individual has control of their Digital Identity credential,” stated the MD of the firm’s Deloitte Consulting LLP, Wendy Henry.

”[However] government must serve the whole of citizens, including those who may not be able to accept the control of their Identity credential in a digital form.”