Post Office reported to be exploring Digital Identity product extensions

‘Computer Weekly’ coverage points to idea of re-using passport ID in Digital Identity apps being explored by the company now that it is free to work on Verify products in the private sector

Posted 1 November 2018 by Gary Flood

The Post Office is said to be looking at how it can help citizens re-use some of their own passport data when they need to access apps with a verified Digital Identity.

The news comes off of coverage of the Consumer Identity World Europe conference in Amsterdam by Computer Weekly magazine yesterday.

There, Bryn Robinson-Morgan, the organisation’s Identity services chief product officer, told delegates about a new digital passport stations in branches across the country, which are beaming applicant data and imagery straight to the Home Office when applications are made.

The service replaces its older ‘check-and-send’, he stated, adding that, “Once completed, all data is displayed to the applicant, who simply confirms that it us all correct [and they] get a text message to say all that information has been received.”

But, he went on, “We are looking at how to enable the customer to receive that data themselves and put that into a reusable Digital Identity… We want to enable customers to be able to reuse the image captured for their passport applications for things like bus and train passes or any other application that needs a photo.

”In the light of recent decision [on GOV.UK Verify] by the government, [The Post Office] is now able to explore those options in the [UK] private sector.”