Report: Blockchain in manufacturing will be a $600m market in the US by 2025

Big growth expected between 2020 and 2025 especially, says ReportLinker

Posted 4 October 2018 by

Technology researchers ReportLinker says Blockchain will have a major impact on the American manufacturing sector, with particularly significant growth expected in the five years 2020-2025.

Its will already be as high as $30m, but then grow at a compound annual growth rate of an astonishing 80% to hit $566m by 2025.

The reason: the technology will be picked up by manufacturers eager to simplify their business processes, ensure transparency and immutability, and “eliminate” intermediaries in logistics and supply chains.

The authors cite several factors driving growth, especially the rise in Blockchain-as-a-service solutions for businesses, accompanied by significant increases in venture capital investment and so-say Initial Coin Offerings.

The study’s authors divvied up Blockchain use by application, end use, and territory, then segmented the manufacturing market into energy, power, industrial, automotive, pharma, aerospace & defence, food and beverages, textile and clothing, and other sectors.

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