What are the Digital Identity needs of the UK Third Sector?

ID vendor Yoti announces new research project to find what the Digital Identity gaps of charities might be

Posted 13 September 2018 by

Digital Identity supplier Yoti says it wants to hear from the Third Sector about what it knows – or doesn’t know – about the topic.

The company says it wants to get answers to two key questions:

  • How could digital identification help UK charities to more effectively collect information about people using their services?
  • Could our offline identity solution help people to take ownership of their background information and how they share it when accessing multiple, or repeat, services?

News of the exercise was announced earlier this week on the company’s blog, which also says the study will be conducted by the company in connection with Think Social Tech’s Nissa Ramsay and RnR Organisation’s Pauline Roche.

The probe comes on the back of equivalent research exercises into the needs of Third Sector organisations in Africa and Southeast Asia.

There, the company claims to have identified a number of potential use cases for its facial recognition-driven mobile ID technology, including identifying infants in healthcare, and helping to prevent fraud and corruption.

If you’d like to contribute or find out more, please go here.

Founded in 2014 in London, Yoti is now a team of over 200 people with headquarters in central London, an office in India and a “growing presence” in the USA.