GOV.UK Verify now has 2.4m registered users

Do the latest official figures show slow but steady take up of the country’s chosen national federated Digital Identity scheme?

Posted 21 June 2018 at 7:55am by

Though it without question has its critics, there’s no escaping the fact that GOV.UK Verify remains the chosen pathway for Digital Identity to become established in the UK economy.

And the just-published stats out of government revealing its take-up until the middle of this month do seem to show dogged progress in terms of take-up.

Digital Identity and the right way to pursue it was the topic of a special Think Digital Partners’ event, Think Digital Identity For Government 2018, last month, and continues to be a locus of great attention by the public sector and private sector alike – so this data is very welcome, on both sides of the argument.

A special performance ‘dashboard‘ sets out a number of metrics to reflect this – such as the fact that there are now 2,388,086 official users of the system, which relies on private sector partners for checks but is the official ID option for HMG.

There were also 6.51m uses of the system up until the 17th of June, the majority (63.3%) from already-registered users and the rest, 2.39m, from new ones.

Over 27,000 users signed up for the first time in the 11th to 17th June timeframe, while finally the list of government services (and their Whitehall providers) now stands at 17:

Get your State Pension Department for Work and Pensions
Sign your mortgage deed HM Land Registry
Disclosure and barring service Home Office
Vehicle Operator Licensing DVSA
Personal tax account HM Revenue & Customs
Check your income tax HM Revenue & Customs
Renew your short term medical driving licence DVLA
Report a medical condition that affects your driving DVLA
Check your state pension Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue & Customs
Universal Credit Digital Service Department for Work and Pensions
Claim for redundancy payment Insolvency Service