Robot Lawyer LISA makes it to National Law Journal’s list of ‘Legal AI Leaders’

Leading international law publication names Yorkshire software entrepreneur’s legal tool among sector’s current best artificial intelligence products

Posted 6 February 2018 at 9:19am by

Prestigious US legal periodical The National Law Journal has picked a UK SME’s product as one of the 49 best AI (artificial intelligence) solutions for the sector.

That’s software called Robot Lawyer LISA, which it has placed in its first list of Legal A.I. Leaders, which it has compiled to showcase leading developers of innovative AI-driven products and services.

Robot Lawyer LISA (or Legal Intelligence Support Assistant) claims to offer ‘impartial’ help in creating legally binding agreements with another party, and is the offering of a company led by Chrissie Lightfoot, a female entrepeneur from West Yorkshire who studied at Leeds Becket University and Sheffield Law School.

“It’s a huge honour to be featured on the very first list of Legal AI Leaders that the National Law Journal has produced,” Lightfoot told a legal site this week.

“This neglected legal buyer market would typically continue without representation, but AI expertise automation technology such as LISA means that soon everyone will be able to access quality legal expertise at the click of a button.”

The list is meant to show which products are helping law firms, corporate law departments and others in the legal industry to use AI to “increase efficiency, improve analysis, better predict outcomes and more”.