Government’s Industrial Strategy launched

Government says plan will help businesses create better, higher-paying jobs across the country via investment in the ‘skills, industries and infrastructure of the future’ – including AI

Posted 27 November 2017 by Gary Flood

The government has formally launched its Industrial Strategy in the form of a set of ‘Grand Challenges’ – sectors it says it thinks the UK can lead the world in, all to be met via the country’s first full Industrial Strategy in decades.

One of the Challenges identified as way to put the UK at the forefront of what the government calls the “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data revolution”, as well as driverless cars, automation and training.

The government plans to do that via sector deals, providing provide taxpayer support and policy collaboration with industry, a tactic it hopes will avoid accusations of picking winners by asking industries to come up with ideas themselves.

It will also create a new independent watchdog – along the lines of the Office for Budget Responsibility – to measure progress around delivery of the Strategy.

The White Paper’s going to be formally launched with more details later today via Ministerial visits to businesses in South, North and Mid Wales: we’ll have more details as they emerge.