Is it time you were helping your service users through AI?

Could ‘avatars’ enhancing not just the commercial customer experience, but the digital public service user’s, too?

Posted 11 October 2017 by

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is starting to be taken very seriously indeed by all sorts of commercial organisations, who are exploring its potential to automate back office functions, enhance human decision-making, and start to better support service functions.

But is the promise of AI just not relevant for the UK public sector? Delegates to last month’s highly successful Think AI for Public Sector will know that’s just not the case – especially when they saw live, on-stage demonstrations from local government about how voice recognition is already starting to be put on the front-line to help residents.

Maybe it’s time to take up that cue, then – and see what roles AI could play in helping your service users, right now – not in any science fiction future.

It turns out that could be a great move, as practical use of AI as a friendly, useful and able 24 hour a day front end to your public sector organisation is already starting to happen.

If you’re interested, we can point you a great place to find out more, in the shape of two in-depth guides to using avatars and digital assistants in customer-acing roles.

The think pieces come from TriVirtual, a UK implementation partner for customer service technology providers around the globe.

The firm is the local representative of an intriguing AI Digital Assistant from a Franco-American software company called Living Actor.

We think there’s some real food for thought here, and there’d be real value in you checking the documents out.

Good luck in your research… it does really feel like AI’s coming to help the public, as much as the private, sector at last.

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