Oracle set to open a ‘digital dialogue’ at Think Digital Government 2017

Next week, Oracle’s Stuart Provan will discuss how public sector organisations are using data to transform their operations, and also share some case studies examples of best practice

Posted 6 September 2017 by

Oracle’s UK Head of Public Sector, Stuart Provan, is set to be a featured speaker at next week’s Think Digital Government conference at the Business Design Centre, Islington. Think Digital Partners sat down with him to find out why

Can you explain who you are and your role and responsibility, please?

I’m the Head of Public Sector for Oracle in the UK. I’m responsible for driving Oracle’s operations in the public sector, and ensuring that we are helping the various organisations leverage our cloud solutions and services to transform their businesses. I lead a team of experts that works to provides services to the sector quickly and cost effectively, and help public-sector leaders modernise their IT infrastructure and increase efficiency.

Tell us about Oracle in the UK public sector, especially in the context of Digital Government?

The public sector is transforming at a rapid rate to provide the taxpayer with the very best services it possibly can, and Oracle is working across the length and breadth of the sector to support this change. We work with the multiple organisations that make up the public sector to deliver the next generation of government services delivery with flexible systems that integrate across functions and departments.

Why did a major IT supplier to the sector like Oracle see this as a good event to participate in?

Think Digital Government is an excellent platform for Oracle to hear from the varied organisations that make up the public sector and help us better understand how we can work with them to provide best-in-class cloud solutions that will help it continue innovating and ultimately deliver better value to the taxpayer.

What will you be talking to us about at the conference?

One of the key trends that we’ve seen emerge is that information is becoming a critical business asset. I’ll be discussing how data is fundamentally changing the way in which organisations work, and how it is driving them forward and making them into truly digital businesses. In particular, I’ll be highlighting how leaders in the public sector must make the data around and within their business ecosystem the centre of new planning, funding and revenue models. I’ll be sharing some best case examples of how some public sector organisations have used data to transform their operations, and what we can learn from their lead.

Stuart will be on-stage at next week’s Think Digital Government conference in London. Places are still available, but getting fewer, so please go here to secure your place to hear more of Oracle’s ideas around digital government going forward