New Date for Landmark AI Public Sector Conference

‘Think AI for Public Sector 2017’ has a new date and a new location. What’s behind our decision to change – and will this actually give you a better educational experience?

Posted 8 June 2017 by Gary Flood

Thanks so much for all your interest in our upcoming conference Think AI for Public Sector 2017, and we’re so pleased so many of you have already put a date in your diary for it, June 23rd.

We have some important news, though – we’ve decided to MOVE the event to a new date, Wednesday 20th September.

We also have a new address for you to put in your calendar for the one-day conference on the potential for advanced technology for the public sector – award winning Central London conference centre, One Great George Street.

What’s the story here? Why are we disrupting your schedules like this?

It’s not a decision we took lightly. In fact, it’s one we only took with reluctance, and only after engaging with all our stakeholders.

The reality is that we announced the conference prior to #GE2017 being called, and the extended Purdah has had consequences for us.

In quick succession this week we’ve unfortunately lost the commitment of some of our government speakers, due to their uncertainty if they’ll be in their confirmed positions (on Parliamentary Committees or senior jobs in HMG and so forth) by the date of the conference.

We’ve decided to roll with the punch, here – and therefore, to ensure the very best conference for you, we’ve taken the decision to postpone the conference until September.

The new venue will be in Westminster, which is just as convenient in terms of London transport. One George St is an excellent venue for what we want to offer you and our exhibitors.

Your booking has been transferred, while new places are also very welcome

Once again, we’re very sorry for the disruption, but hope you are still able to attend the conference: the good news is, the agenda remains as compelling – the issue of how the sector can best respond to the challenge (and opportunity) of robotics, AI and automation present to the UK.

Commenting on the new details, THINK Digital Partners’ Operations Director, Lucy Brown, noted that, “This is a really exciting event for us, and we’re delighted by the strong response from the UK public sector ICT buyer and seller community we had during the registration process.

“We are convinced that a push-back on the date guarantees the content and contributors on the day can maximise the full potential of this key topic without the general election either looming or restricting the flow of discussion.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone in September.”

Our Eventbrite page has been updated already, so all original bookings still stand without any need for action from you.

Please go here to find out more or register your interest in the event, which is FREE for qualified public sector decision makers. We still have places available – and see you in September!