The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 3: Splash BI

While your data might be everywhere – does that mean your reporting should be, too? Graham Spicer of Splash BI explains what your options might be

Posted 20 December 2016 by

In the next of our Digital Marketplace Contenders company profiles, we meet Graham Spicer, UK Sales Director at Splash Business Intelligence, a US-headquartered software company.

Welcome to the Digital Marketplace Contenders, Graham. Let’s start by you telling us about your company; what is your value proposition?

Splash Business Intelligence is a software vendor and services company specialising in providing Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Reporting Solutions. The product we have launched here in the UK and that is now available via the Digital Marketplace is SplashBI, which provides users with what we call ‘Actionable Intelligence’ across their entire organisation.

The product is data agnostic, connecting to any data source, provides dashboards and visualisations, as well as reports via both html and Excel with output in many formats. SplashBI can also be taken anywhere, with all devices providing the same user experience.

Put simply, our value proposition to our clients is that we can report on their data wherever it may be held, delivering self-service reporting across applications with powerful visualisations on-cloud or on-premise.

Sounds interesting. What is its relevance for the public sector? Do you have any examples of organisations in the sector that have used you successfully?

Though we have only launched SplashBI in the UK in 2016, our parent company, EiS Technologies, has been providing other BI and Reporting solutions since 2001. Nonetheless, we already have a number of public sector clients here in the UK, including the University of Oxford and Norfolk County Council, and we are growing a considerable pipeline within the sector. I myself have been happy selling technology to the public sector customer for more than 20 years.

We have joined G-Cloud (G8) because we know public sector organisations are under as much pressure as other companies to produce results, not necessarily financial. All organisations struggle to make the best use of their data – their data is everywhere, but their reporting shouldn’t be!

We believe our product, which requires little or no consulting resource, will enable public sector organisations to find better ways of reporting on and analysing their data to enable them to make better informed decisions.

We see The Digital Marketplace as a very important tool in our armoury for selling into the public sector.

How did you find the process of on-boarding onto the Marketplace, and do you have any guidance or others on the basis of that experience?

Personally, I had previous experience with the process, but we had useful guidance and help from Advice Cloud, who managed to get us through the complete certification process in less than five weeks. That wasn’t that easy as all of our operational staff – as in, the people Chris and his team had to work with – are all based in the US.

We know it’s important not to sit back and relax – to think that now we are on G-Cloud, the business will come rolling in. We’ve still got to sell – and to do that, we need to identify those public sector organisations which have an immediate need and that will benefit from using SplashBI. That requires marketing in its many guises.

We are fortunate enough to have a great marketing team and backers that believe in the entire sales and marketing process.

If ThinkDigitalPartners.com came back to talk to you in a year, what would you like to be able to say you’d achieved in the public sector IT space?

A year from now, I would love to say that we have helped many more public sector organisations run more efficiently and effectively, leveraging the power of their disparate data through Splash Business Intelligence. That’s truly going to be a win-win for everyone.