How to bag job in cybersecurity

Generation Logistics, an awareness campaign for logistics careers, has partnered with security expert Lisa Ventura MBE to share five top tips on how to scoop a cybersecurity role.

Posted 8 February 2024 by Christine Horton

With one in five businesses falling victim to cyberattacks last year (39 percent), and delivery scams being the most common opportunity for deception for Brits, there is huge demand to fill cybersecurity roles across the country.

Offering an average salary of more than £64,000 per annum, cybersecurity roles have never been more critical and this is one career that can only continue to grow in demand as digital technologies advance.

As one of the largest and most profitable sectors worldwide, cybersecurity is crucial to logistics in order to keep goods safe and secure while being moved from manufacturers to their end users. Logistics awareness campaign Generation Logistics, has teamed up with cybersecurity expert Lisa Ventura MBE to share her insight on how people can set foot into the cybersecurity industry and take advantage of the career opportunities.

No degree? No problem.

One of the advantages of pursuing a career in cybersecurity is that a degree is not always necessary. Begin your career by gaining a solid foundation knowledge of the industry and understand how it relates to different sectors, such as logistics. This can be achieved through online courses, industry-specific certifications and lots of online research.

Employers in the logistics sector are very aware of cyber threats, and ensure that employees receive training and development opportunities throughout their careers to keep up to speed with the latest cyber threats.

Join online communities

Joining online forums and social media groups can give you access to a huge bank of knowledge, where cyber professionals share insights and discuss topics, and most importantly, ask questions. These forums can be great for finding a mentor, broadening your knowledge and gaining valuable insight into different people’s career journeys but do your research to ensure the groups you join are reputable

Stay up to date with industry news

Working in a fast-paced industry, such as cybersecurity for logistics, means that it is a rapidly evolving field, and one that professionals need to keep up-to-date on. Whether covering new threats or identifying emerging technologies, I would recommend researching and subscribing to relevant newsletters, following cyber-focused blogs and listening to industry podcasts.

Work experience

Gaining practical work experience is highly valued in both cybersecurity and logistics. This can include experimenting with tools and techniques in a controlled environment, while platforms such as “Hack the Box” and “Capture the Flag” can provide hands-on challenges to help refine skills, and accessed via the internet.

Develop your soft skills

Finally, it’s easy to assume that cybersecurity roles require technical skills only, but soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and teamwork are all absolutely crucial too. By brushing up on these skills, you’ll be better equipped to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical team members.

Bethany Windsor, programme director at Generation Logistics, commented: “Within logistics, cybersecurity plays a huge role in keeping the country running smoothly, and is an area that will only continue to grow in demand. Working in the sector offers real benefits to young people from all walks of life, whether they are leaving school and looking to head straight into the workforce, or for those who have pursued further education and are now looking for the next steps in their career.

“By taking heed of our top tips on how to excel within this career path, we hope to support the next generation entering the workforce, and support them in a profession that is of fast-growing importance.”

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