VRIS radiology information system launches in the UK

New system helps radiologists and radiographers deliver timely reports on patient imaging, says firm.

Posted 25 January 2024 by Christine Horton

A radiology information system to help imaging departments alleviate bottlenecks and improve throughput of diagnostic reports, has been formally launched in the UK by healthcare technology provider Vertex in Healthcare.

The system, which connects technologies in the healthcare environment, has been shown to automate and streamline administrative processes, as well as helping busy radiologists and radiographers as they deliver timely reports on patient imaging.

Imaging departments using VRIS have typically recorded between 30 to 40 percent increased throughput in reporting activity following deployment, said the company.

Chris Goldie, CEO for Vertex in Healthcare, said: “We have carefully listened to radiology teams in the UK and believe our technology can help as healthcare providers and imaging networks continue to develop innovative ways of delivering services for patients.

“Consistently, we have heard that imaging teams need reliable technology, responsive to users at every point of the imaging journey. That is what we aim to deliver: a system that supports everything from administration processes sometimes overlooked by technology providers, to the needs of reporters working to deliver urgently needed insights.

“More than just a radiology information system, we are offering a dedicated and experienced team ready to listen and to share their experience to help NHS professionals remove bottlenecks, connect information, manage journeys, and engage patients in their imaging pathway.”

Supporting strategic decisions

VRIS is designed to support strategic decisions, to highlight bottlenecks and indicate where resource should be focused. It does this by providing radiology departments and imaging networks with detailed intelligence to help inform important decisions on how services are managed and configured, in order to best meet the needs of patients.

Embedded algorithms also guide and streamline input from users, supporting everything from scheduling, to sharing reports, and tracking patient progress, all from a single screen. Radiologists and reporting radiographers can also use VRIS to efficiently review and enter patient information, order additional examinations, and create complex reports more quickly.

For patients, VRIS is supported by a portal that can engage patients in their imaging pathway, and help patients play a role in making the diagnostic process work for them. The portal can allow patients to book and manage appointments, helping to support more convenient access to important services.

In addition to providing the potential to further reduce administration demands on busy imaging departments, the portal can be configured to provide patients with direct access to their imaging and reports, and with two-way communication tools with healthcare professionals. 

Charles Guise-Brown, chief technology officer for Vertex in Healthcare, said: “Our aim is to provide technology that is simple, easy to use, reliable, and that meets the actual needs of imaging networks, radiology departments and their patients.

“We deliver connected technology that helps to move patients forward in their imaging journey, and that doesn’t require busy people to worry about how the IT works. We would welcome the opportunity to support imaging teams in the UK with technology that can enable them to focus more of their time on delivering important reports, with all the information they need at their fingertips.”